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Visual Communications Courses

Visual Communication Co-op/LAUNCH Guidelines
• Student must complete Intro to Visual Communication and one other course by the end of the 11th grade year.
• If students have not completed Visual Communication 2 before their senior year and they wish to be in co-op or LAUNCH, then they must be enrolled in one of these courses with co-op.
• Students must complete other work based learning/ co-op requirements. See Visual Communication instructors for additional requirements.
Pathway: Graphic Design
Course Name: Course Number: Grade Level
Intro to Visual Communication: 9580: 9, 10
Visual Communication 1: 9581: 10, 11
Visual Communication 2: 9582: 11, 12
Advanced Visual Communication: 9587: 12
LAUNCH: 9589: 12
Visual Communication Co-op: 9566A-1 credit 9566B-2 credits 9566C-3 credits: 12