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Manufacturing Technology


Manufacturing Technology is a program that trains students in the proper use of today’s basic industrial machines. Everything produced in our society is, in some way, touched by an engineer, machinist, or tool maker. The engineer designs the part and often times, actually makes the prototype (the first example). The machinist and tool maker figure out how to mass produce the part.   

Students in this class will have “hands on” experience with machines such as; lathes, milling machines, drill presses, grinders, and various hand tools. There are also computer assisted machines that use the X, Y coordinate system that students will program to run unassisted. They will also be exposed to CAD (computer aided drafting) to understand basic blueprint reading.    

The purpose of the Manufacturing Technology program is to prepare students for their education into Engineering or for entry level occupations in the machining industry and related fields. 

With America’s need for Engineers, the Manufacturing program is designed to give potential Mechanical, Electrical and Process Engineers a broad background in basic machines and how they work. Students spend most of their time in the shop operating machines to complete both assigned and personal projects. Classroom instruction accounts for approximately 25% of the time and consists of understanding safe work habits, metallurgy, blueprint reading, geometry, and the use of precision measuring instruments.