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Culinary Arts


The culinary arts industry is growing these days and it offers a wide variety of career opportunities in such sector as restaurants, travel, hospitality, recreation, and more.  The culinary arts industry has thousands of different jobs available and now tow jobs are exactly the save.  There are culinary arts positions available in hotels, resorts, schools, corporations, the media, and even private homes.  Standard jobs in the  culinary industry include such jobs as:  Restaurant manager, Cafeteria manager, Caterer, Chef,  Pastry Chef, Baker, Food Critic, Food Photographer, Food Researcher, Food Consultant, Culinary Arts Teacher, Dietician, Nutritionist, just to name a few.

Henderson County High School offers a program for students interested in culinary arts.  These classes introduce students to a set of skills that combine both nutrition and cooking techniques.  During your education at HCHS Culinary Arts Classes you can learn what it takes to begin your career in this field and it gives you an edge because  you will take Serv Safe Certification exam to become Industry certified.  Not only will this class benefit you now but as you journey to college it will become a valuable investment of time that will prove to be a lasting job opportunity.  Culinary Arts in an exciting career that is never boring and a career that you will be able to utilize not only in your professional life but your personal life as well.  Come check us out and see what all the excitement is down the Green Hall Room G302.  



In the 1800s, the first cooking school was opened in Boston. American cooking was taught and students were taught how to teach others. In 1896, the first cookbook was written by Fannie Merrit Farmer, who attended the cooking school in Boston. In 1946, James Beard taught cooking classes and is known as the grandfather of the American cuisine. The Culinary Institute of America was founded much later and was moved to New York in 1972.


Types of Chefs

The types of chefs are numerous, but the rank goes as follows: executive chef, chef de cuisine, sous chef and chef de partie. The executive chef is the one who is in charge of the kitchen. The executive chef manages the menus, food taste, appearance and presentation. He must also manage all of the other workers in the kitchen. The chef de cuisine usually works alongside of the executive chef and creates signature dishes. The sous chef is an assistant to the executive chef. The sous chef supervises cooks and helps prepare dishes and does what the executive chef asks of him in the kitchen. The chef de partie translates to "station chef." A station chef works at different types of lines and produces and serves foods simultaneously.


About Culinary Art Colleges

Culinary art is about cooking and the art involved in the process. Those who are interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts, such as being a chef, should look into attending a culinary arts college. There are many culinary art colleges all around the world. Here is some more information about culinary art colleges.


There are many excellent culinary art colleges in the United States as well as in other parts of the world. Some of the most notable culinary art colleges in the United States are the Texas Culinary Academy, Culinary Institute of America (New York City), California School of Culinary Arts and the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute. There are also many great culinary art colleges in Europe, Asia and other continents.


Before deciding to attend a culinary art college, there are some factors that potential students should consider. Culinary art colleges are not all the same. Some culinary art colleges focus on regional cooking from specific parts of the world. Other culinary art colleges focus primarily on specific cooking styles. For example, if you are interested in learning French cuisine, you should probably consider attending a school like Le Cordon Bleu in Paris (or one of the other fourteen locations worldwide).


There are many benefits to attending a culinary art college. The culinary industry is a fast-growing field. TV shows detailing chefs and their lifestyles has made the culinary industry very popular. Beginning chefs can earn between $28,000 and $35,000 annually.

Expert Insight

In choosing the best possible culinary school for your needs, there are some very important things to look out for, including looking for faculty members who are master bakers or master chefs, a varied, diverse faculty of individuals from differing culinary backgrounds, Certified Hospitality Educators (CHEs) as instructors and classes that offer training and education in real restaurant settings.


Culinary art colleges teach students in many different areas and disciplines. Attending a culinary art college is not simply about learning how to cook. Culinary students can learn the art of pastry making, baking, catering, nutrition and diet issues as well as how to become a chef. 


 A message from Culinary instructor, Ginny Johnson:

Hi! My name is Ginny Johnson and I teach Culinary Arts at the Henderson County High School. Culinary Arts is a great career choice due to the many avenues you can take. I will give you an example: Chef, Pastry Chef, Chef Educator, (Yeah!!! This is me!), Dietician, Food Stylist, Food Research Scientist, Cook, Waiter/Waitress, Host, Maître, and Food and Beverage Manager. 

This is just a few positions so you can imagine it is a great CAREER PATHWAY! It is an exciting career and one that is always changing and NEVER, NEVER, boring! If it was boring I would not have been in this field my entire life. Let me give you a little information about Culinary Arts and I hope this will peak your interest and I will see you in my class. Remember you need to take Foods and Nutrition, Culinary 1 and Culinary 2 so it can be your CAREER PATHWAY and set you on to a wonderful Career!