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Construction Technology


Construction Technologies is a program that is designed to prepare a student for entry level proficiency into a construction related field. Students who are hands-on learners and have strong inclinations toward outdoor activities usually enjoy the opportunity to learn in an environment that encourages untraditional learning practices. Students who should explore Construction Technologies include those who have strong interests in Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Interior Design, and Construction related trades such as Carpentry, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, etc… 

Students who enroll in construction Technologies 1 will explore the various types of trades and learn to safely perform tasks using hand and power tools that are commonly used in industry today. Students who have a desire to further their skills and abilities as a means to advancing toward a career related to construction should enroll in Construction Technologies 2 where they will be expected to perform various construction tasks such as floor and wall framing and foundation layout.

Only those students serious about seeking a construction-related career should enroll in Construction Technologies 3 where the students will be expected to perform construction related tasks with the proficiency needed for entry level into the trades or an apprenticeship. Those students interested in the engineering or architectural design aspects of the industry will gain valuable insight into the actual mechanics of the drawings they are expected to render as a part of their engineering coursework.