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Colonelettes at Nationals 2018

The Henderson Co Colonelettes placed in the top 8 at nationals. 
Pom Dance - 5th in the Nation & Technical Excellence Award 
Hip Hop Dance - 6th in the Nation
Team Performance - 8th in the Nation 
They also received 2 perfect 10’s on the score sheet



2018 - All District Academic Colonelettes - Emma Arnold, Kayle Sawyer, Estie Hazelwood, Aleksey O'Dell, Brayden Glick, Lauren Boze, Kylee Garrott, Ashton Rideout, Emma Pendergraft, Taylor Hanley, Emily Bird, Victoria Carter, and Makayla Anglin


Congratulations to the Henderson County High School Varsity Colonelettes and Junior Varsity Colonelettes for winning and placing at the 2012 National Dance Alliance Championship in the following categories:
2012 NDA Championship Medium Varsity – Pom 1st place with a score of 9.480. They also received the TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE Award for this POM performance. Watch the performance: http://videos.varsity.com//competitions/NDA/2012%20nda%20nationals.aspx#ooid=g5MzNvMzp8unIKYoCJhUfmARC4yyOK8h 
2012 NDA Championship Small Varsity - Hip Hop 3rd place with a score of 9.114. Watch the performance: http://videos.varsity.com//competitions/NDA/2012%20nda%20nationals.aspx#ooid=85aDNvMzpTZb0LZfUY-gYRLD9XCtKshH           
2012 NDA Championship Jr. Varsity - Hip Hop 3rd place with a score of 8.675. Watch the performance: http://videos.varsity.com//competitions/NDA/2012%20nda%20nationals.aspx#ooid=44eDJvMzpLzixC4EUtBe3vwaZ7GR8L21           
2012 NDA Championship Jr. Varsity – Pom 6th place with a score of 8.006. Watch the performance: http://videos.varsity.com//competitions/NDA/2012%20nda%20nationals.aspx#ooid=hwdjNvMzqDv9uH6nrYPG-eZY24lQC5_s