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Head Coach:  Dan Melton  (270) 860-1985


Parent Reps:  Jodi Melton & Beth Frederick

Below is an Archery Practice Schedule. 


Archery is an activity in which people from all walks of life and ability can participate and enjoy. The Henderson County Archery Club (HCAC) is focused on providing a fun, safe environment to participate in archery in the school setting while raising awareness of conservation related sports, responsibility and self-esteem.


YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE ARCHERY EQUIPMENT. HCAC is fully equipped with NASP approved Genesis bows and Easton arrows for each archer to use throughout the season. The only thing we require is a $25 annual equipment fee. This equipment fee covers the costs involved in maintaining the bows and arrows and other equipment (targets, nets, quivers, etc.) used by the archers.


The $25 equipment fee does not cover the cost of admission and archer registration fees for each of the tournaments your archer will compete in throughout the year. Archers will typically compete in approx. 8-10 tournaments throughout the season. Each of these tournaments will require an archer registration fee of $6 to $15 per archer along with admission expenses for those non-archers attending the tournaments (parents, siblings, friends, etc.) Admission prices typically average $5 to $7 for anyone over age 5.


The archery season begins in October and ends in late May.


Schools will have two (2) practices each week. Each practice is approximately 1 hour in length. The practices will be held at the Henderson County Archery Building on Garden Mile Road.


In order to shoot on the archery team of a school in Henderson the archer must attend that specific school throughout the school year. If you are a homeschool student and have an interest in the archery program please contact us at archery@gmail.com for further information.


Grades are very important to the Henderson County Archery Club. All students are required to maintain a minimum grade of C/2.0 in each of their classes throughout the season.


Brand new archers will be required to attend several New Archer/Safety Training practices the weeks of October 17th and October 24th. This is a great way to learn the fundamentals of archery and the safety rules before the rest of the returning archers start their season the first week of November.


Teams will be determined at some point before the Regional tournament in February 2017. A team can consist of no more than 24 archers. BUT REMEMBER -- even if your child does not make the official team for their school they are still allowed to participate in weekly practices and compete in several tournaments as an individual archer.


Some elementary school coaches only allow 4th and 5th graders to compete in archery tournaments. If you have a 3rd grader interested in archery please contact us at archery@gmail.com to see if your school is accepting 3rd grade archers this year.


ALL of our archery coaches are VOLUNTEERS. ALL of our Board Members are VOLUNTEERS. Likewise there is an expectation that you, as the parent/guardian of an archer, will volunteer as well. There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the season in which you can take part – including at the tournaments we host.