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Guidance » Graduation Information

Graduation Information

Graduation Information


Commencement Information


Graduation rehearsal is scheduled for **ThursdayMay 17, 2018 at approximately 8:00 a.mithe Auxiliary Gym at HCHSAll seniors MUSattenthe ENTIRrehearsalIf a student does not attend, he/she wilNOparticipatithe graduation ceremonyThe rehearsal willast for approximately 2 hours. ATTENDANCIMANDATORY.


Caps and Gowns


Caps angowns will be distributed at HCHS in the spring. No decorating of the cap or gown will be allowed. 


All financial obligations must be completed by 12:00 a.m. **FridayMay 18, 2018




Graduation is a serious affair, and students need to dress appropriatelyParents are requested ttake an activrolin assuring thatheir graduate is appropriately dressed fothe occasion. Females shall wear clothing that is consistent with HCS dress code (no tennis shoes, flip-flops, or slippers). We ask that you wear slacks or a dress. You will be traversing stairs so any shoe with an elevated sole may not be appropriate.

Males shall wear clothing that is consistent with HCS dress code (no tennis shoes, flip-flops, or slippers). We ask that you wear a collared shirt, dress slacks (no jeans), and dress shoes. You will be traversing stairs so any shoe with an elevated sole may not be appropriate


Parental Expectations


The courteous behavior of alguests is necessary for a dignified graduation ceremony. A graduation ceremony is a formal occasion. Loud, boisterous behavior detracts frothe ceremony and can prohibithe audience from hearinthe names of all graduates as they are announced. Thereforewe arrequestinthat botgraduates and guestrefraifrom applause or other cheering until alnames have been read.


Guests can greet the graduates in the upper and lower concourse after the ceremony.


A professional photographewiltake a picture of each graduatreceiving his/her diploma. Information will be given to your graduate as to how to order them the night of graduation.


Graduation Arrival time at the Ford Center


Graduation is FridayMay 18, 2018  at 7:00 p.m. The ceremony is expected to enat approximately 8:45. Students should arrive at the Ford Center no later than **6:00 p.m. with their gown on and ready. They will enter the front entrance of the Ford Center and enter the stadium floor through the doors to the right of the stairs going up to the upper concourses. The elevators are located to the right of the student entrance to the stadium floor. All students must check in and no guests will be allowed past this point or on the stadium floor. The doors will open tthe public at 5:30 p.m.




Collecting thdiploma after the ceremony



Immediatelaftethe ceremonystudentreporto a designated area treceivtheir actual diplomas. Thiprocess shoultake no longer than 15 minutes, anthen studentwilmeetheir guests in the lower or upper concourses. If for some reasons your child does not have a diploma in their packet there will be a bill and that bill must be paid prior to them receiving their diploma. They will be able to come to HCHS any time and pay their bill and receive their diploma.



General academic anbehavioral expectation for seniors



Each year several issues arise concerninacademic and behavioral expectatiofor seniors. Teachers asfor your support as they continutexpect students to complete schoolwork and attend school regularlyEach year some studentfind themselves facinthe devastating consequence olosing crediin a class at the last minute and/or not successfully completing the assignework.


Ware especially concerned that some seniors will not complete theigraduation requirements those items include failure to complete all discipline infraction consequencesloss of crediin a class, or receiving a failing grade are situationthat can cause a student noto graduatwith his or her class. Althougwe all knothat seniors become more relaxed as the semester nears the endwask for your support in our effortto assurthat althe seniors have a successful conclusion ttheir high school careers.


Seniors also need to be aware that any potentially dangerouor destructive activities are prohibited on school property at any timeStudentrisk being suspendefrom school, as well as exclusion from any school-sponsored activityincluding prom and/or graduation exercise.


We hope you will support ouefforto provide your children with safe and enjoyable activities for the remainder otheir senioyearWlooforward tmany exciting anmemorabltimes as thiimportant phase of school life draws to a close.





Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Class Rank

Rank in class shall be determined by a student’s Weighted Cumulative Grade Point Average, which includes all courses taken by the student for high school credit and approved by the District for high school credit. The weighted grade point average (GPA) will be rounded to the nearest tenth of a point.


The student(s) with the class rank of one (1) will be named valedictorian(s). A class rank of one (1) indicates the student(s) have the highest weighted grade point average in the class. Students graduating at the end of the senior year with a class rank of one (1) and having the highest Weighted Cumulative GPA based on final grades from all courses taken for high school credit shall be designated as valedictorian(s).