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Here's the Plan - Make life after high school a success 
Any new adventure requires advance planning. But if your idea of advance planning is deciding what to do this Friday night, you might find yourself shortchanged when it comes time to go to college. After all, who has the time to plan for the future between homework, after-school practices, jobs and social life?  That's why we're here to help you get the most out of your high school years and prepare for the future.  The list below maps out what you need to do each year of high school to put you on the path to sucess.


Sophomore -

Fall -

  • Seek leardership roles in clubs and activities.
  • Begin thinking about what fields of study and which colleges you might like to consider.
  • Continue building relationships with teachers, coaches and counselors who'll be able to provide college recommendations.
  • Attend college fairs to become familiar with what different schools have to offer.
  • Become familiar with required standardized tests.
  • Look into summer programs for college prep.


Spring -

  • Continue family discussions about college costs and what is needed for the coming years.
  • Schedule a meeting with your counselor to make sure coursework for your junior year is on track.
  • Apply for summer internships, jobs or volunteer activities.
  • Begin research on college scholarships that are available.  The Internet offers a wealth of information.