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Student Parking Pass

Student Parking Pass

Parking Privileges- 

Junior and Senior Students may park on campus.  Those Jr.  & Sr. who drive to school must purchase a Henderson County High School parking permit. To purchase a Parking permit, a student must:

Be a Junior or Senior Student at HCHS. 

Have a valid state of Kentucky driver license.

Have all current school fees paid.

Have all previous school years fees, fines, or financial obligations paid.

Purchase a parking permit at a cost of $20.00.

Students and Parents must sign an agreement to abide by parking and driving regulations. 


The number of available student parking spaces is limited. Stickers will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until parking spaces are unavailable.


In no case should a student drive his/her car off the campus until the end of the day without permission from a school administrator. Students will be responsible for articles left in the cars.

For the privilege of parking on school property, the school retains the right to search all vehicles driven by students with or without the students' knowledge or permission. School administrators may search the vehicle if they have any reason to suspect the vehicle contains stolen articles, weapons, controlled substances (illegal drugs), narcotics, alcoholic beverages, stimulant drugs or any type of explosive or disruptive device. Driving to school is a privilege that can be revoked for attendance problems or behavior violations at the discretion of the administrators. Repeated driving problems could also result in other disciplinary action, including having your vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.


If a student has the need for a second permit, a written request from a parent will be needed. It will be reviewed by administration and will be given only with approval. Permits may not be transferred from one vehicle to another without the bookstore clerk’s knowledge.  Citations will be issued if the bookstore is not notified of a change. Students can receive a temporary parking permit (two-week maximum, limit of three at no charge.) Each additional permit will cost $2.00. If students know the afternoon before that, they will be driving an unregistered vehicle the following day(s) they may pick-up their permit then. We understand that emergencies happen and we will work with students on a case-by-case basis. 


Illegal parking will result in a parking ticket. Charges will be:

1st Ticket = $4.00 

2nd Ticket = $6.00 

3rd Ticket = $8.00 


Parking in faculty and /or staff parking lots is not permissible. Any offense will result in the loss of driving privileges for up to three weeks. 


Parking in reserved or reward parking spaces is not permissible unless a reserved parking permit has been issued. No student should park in reserved until the reserved parking permit has been issued. Failure to do so will result in a citation and loss of driving privileges for up to 3 weeks.  If a student’s parking permit is revoked for any reason he or she cannot park on school property.  


Parking Privileges

  • Students who maintain 95% attendance will be eligible to park on campus.
  • This privilege may be revoked if attendance falls below 95% during any semester.
  • This privilege may be reinstated the following semester if the student’s attendance returns to 95%.
  • Parking privileges will also be revoked at any time if a student accumulates ten (10) unpaid parking fines.


No Pass No Drive

Students, age sixteen (16) or seventeen (17), who drop out of school or are declared academically deficient will be reported to the Transportation Cabinet by the local school district for possible revocation of their driver’s license, intermediate license, permit, or privilege to operate a motor vehicle. A student shall be deemed to have dropped out of school when:

(1) He/She has nine (9) or more unexcused absences in the preceding semester. Any absences due to out-of-school suspension shall be unexcused absences. A student shall be deemed academically deficient when:

(2) He/She has not received passing grades in at least four (4) courses, or the equivalent of four (4) courses, in the preceding semester. All reports will be made at the end of each semester for students who are academically deficient. Reports can be made earlier in the semester for accumulated absences.