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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements


Henderson County High School has two (2) graduation programs: Honors Night Reception and Commencement. All students graduating from HCHS are encouraged to take part in both of these exercises. Before students can go through the final exercise, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. Students must have twenty- seven (27) credits to graduate and walk across the stage.
  2. The student must have completed all state testing requirements and portfolio(s). Seniors must score an apprentice or above on their portfolio and upload the portfolio to their ILP in order to graduate.
  3. The senior MUST ORDER a cap and gown at the time designated by the principal. Ordering a cap and gown set and announcements does not signify that a student is eligible to graduate.
  4. The student MUST ATTEND the graduation practice session.
  5. The student must dress appropriately to participate in these exercises. The principal has the authority to determine and specify appropriate attire.
  6. All students must meet state and district graduation requirements in order to graduate. Any early graduate must have the recommendation of the coordinating principal, unit principal, unit guidance counselor AND the approval of the Henderson County Board of Education. Early graduates will be eligible to receive diplomas. Participation in the graduation ceremony will be considered on a case by case basis.
  7. A student’s diploma will be held until all fees and fines owed the school is paid or if there is a discipline event related to the ceremony.


Academic Honors


Class Rank

Rank in a class shall be determined by a student’s Weighted Cumulative Grade Point Average, which includes all courses taken by the student for high school credit and approved by the District for high school credit. The weighted grade point average (GPA) will be rounded to the nearest tenth of a point.


The student(s) with the class rank of one (1) will be named valedictorian(s). A class rank of one (1) indicates the student(s) have the highest weighted grade point average in the class. Students graduating at the end of the senior year with a class rank of one (1) and having the highest Weighted Cumulative GPA based on final grades from all courses taken for high school credit shall be designated as valedictorian(s).


All students with a 3.5 or higher Weighted Cumulative GPA will be recognized as honors students at commencement ceremonies.